Who We Are ...

Social Networking and Planning Project (SNAPPatx) is a project of Texas Citizen Fund, an Austin based non-profit and funded by a Federal Transit Administration grant. SNAPP works collaboratively with the City of Austin and partners with other non-profit organizations, blogs, media outlets, and interested parties to make sure as many people as possible have the opportunity to snapp about Austin mobility.

SNAPPatx gives people easy, 24/7 opportunities to listen and be heard. As you use SNAPPatx's integrated social media, you also help us make improvements.

The SNAPPatx mission ...

To create an easy and convenient way for people to express their opinions, learn from others, and decide the most strategic options for transportation, mobility, and rail in Austin.

If you have questions, comments or ideas for SNAPP feel free to email us.


SNAPPatx's success depends on its partnerships with other organizations. Collaboration with partners ranges from funding (FTA) for the project to helping invite their members, friends, compatriots to join in the conversation about more and better ways to get around Austin. Please contact us at hollerback@snappatx.org if your organization would like to become a partner.